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Eagle Point Dental uses state-of-the-art dental equipment to provide quality services to people across ages. From helping us get your dental crowns ready within hours to recording images of dental procedures, we have chosen some of the most advanced equipment to give our patients effective treatments. 

Here’s a detailed description of the equipment we use. Call us in case you have any queries or concerns.


Almost all dental procedures need a tool that comes with magnifying glasses or a microscope and a mirror to focus on the areas in the mouth that require treatment. This is what the Sopro 717 does – it gives you exceptional image quality. This sleek instrument is not bulky and allows you to create photographic recordings of dental procedures that are being done. Patients can see their decayed teeth, old fillings, and also get images of micro-fissures and cervical lesions.


DEXIS CariVu is a portable, easy-to-use caries detection device that helps identify carious lesions and cracks through transillumination technology. This instrument gives the dentist a high-precision view of the affected tooth without the use of radiation. The images are similar to those of an X-ray image, where the lesions will appear as dark areas. This type of caries detection is ideal for pregnant women and children.


Eagle Point Dental provides same-day dental crowns. We use the E4D crown technology to get the crown ready within hours. We first begin with the prep. In the next step, we use the software to design the crowns, and our state-of-the-art mill to get the crowns into their right shape. Our dental assistants will then stain and glaze the crown with the colour that matches your teeth. The last step is to harden the porcelain in our oven at over 800 degrees Celsius.


Our BIOLASE WaterLase Laser helps in providing our patients with a gentle dental experience for a range of treatments. This dental laser is used for soft tissues, hard tissues, and bones. This helps in providing high precision when it comes to performing certain dental procedures without anaesthesia. The WaterLase Laser is versatile, minimally invasive and is used for decay removal, cavity preparation, root canals, smile designing, gum and bone surgical procedures, and more.

3D X-ray machine

This advanced 3D X-ray machine is an advanced panoramic imaging system that can offer you a combination of both the old-fashioned X-ray as well as the advanced 3D X-ray. While using regular X-ray technology, we can miss dental cracks and abscesses because it is a 2D image of a three-dimensional object.

The advanced orthopantomograph OP300 can show every single part of the tooth. This equipment not only helps in viewing all sides of a tooth and jawbone, but it also helps in mapping out implant placement sites. Our dentists will be able to see where the sinus is during an implant procedure and understand where the nerves on the lower tooth arch are to ensure there is enough place for an implant. This 3D X-ray machine shows whether there is enough bone density in a specific area to hold an implant.

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